Customer Experience

I’ve just had the pleasure of chairing a customer engagement conference. There were some great speakers. My favourites were Joana Van Den Brink-Quintanilha from Forrester and Stewart Bromley, from Atom Bank. Both spoke eloquently about the use of emotion in customer experience design. Things are undoubtedly moving on. For instance being an app only interface,…Read More

Listening to The Customer

Customer Listening is at the centre of this series of posts. To date, I ‘ve covered the role of listening in session one. Links between personal and corporate listening in session two. Then there was a detailed definition of Customer Listening in session three. Most recently I covered the difference between hearing and listening in…Read More

Improving Customer Service

Right now I can see three genuinely transformational technologies on offer for forward thinking contact centres. The first is Interaction Analytics which provides credible evidence of what goes on day in day out. Its range of application is impressive – 100% compliance management, advisor dashboards for self development, a key input to Voice of the…Read More